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Liu Dian Bo Luye Pharma chairman
C-Suite Agenda

Luye Pharma chairman, Liu Dian Bo Just Became A Billionaire: CHINA

Executive chairman and co-founder of Luye Pharma, Liu Dian Bo is now a Billionaire - China’s newest billionaire --- Liu Dianbo!!! Liu Dian Bo joined the ranks of a lofty Chinese financial club and the world’s billionaires. China is one of the fastest growing source of new billionaires in the past...
C-Suite Agenda

Trade Promotions: Money down the Drain ?

Consumer product companies (FMCG, Durables) are staring at a dip in consumer confidence in India, wherein, the country lost its numero uno position to Indonesia, according to the latest Global Consumer Confidence index published by Nielsen1. Irrespective of this fact, consumer product firms have still managed strong volume growths in...
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