Saturday, April 10, 2021

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5 Requirements To Secure Bank Statement Loans For The Self-Employed

Self-employed executives use secure bank statement loans to obtain necessary funding efficiently. As a self-employed borrower who needs financing, you likely have considered numerous loan options. Many self-employed individuals have trouble qualifying for loan programs. Factors such as poor credit scores and tax return issues keep even savvy entrepreneurs like...
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How Unique Activations Create Unforgettable Corporate Events

Brands are starting to recognize that corporate events must be more desirable (and ultimately more eye-catching) to attract attendees. Thus, they’re embracing unique activations, a form of experiential marketing that focuses on consumer engagement. But with brands constantly raising the bar, others must navigate all the technical ways to enhance the attendee...
C-Suite Advisory

Herbert Sim The Bitcoin Man Joins Israeli Blockchain Project, TEVEL, as Investor and Advisor

Announced earlier today in a press release by TEVEL, a location-based social media platform, integrated with blockchain technology, Herbert Sim, one of the world’s leading blockchain influencers, will be joining as an investor and advisor to the Israeli blockchain project. Mr. Sim, is the founder of the world’s oldest repository...
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