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CEOs Work out – 5 Exercises To Do In The Office

A sedentary lifestyle and demotivation are a big problem in modern societies. In particular, lack of movement is associated with a number of chronic diseases and musculoskeletal problems. The great technological development of recent decades has resulted in an increase in the rate of sedentary work. In combination with sedentary...
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The Three Rs of The Modern CEO

Suppose you ask Andrew P. Doro, Founder, and CEO of Millbrook Support Services (Millbrook), to explain the success he and his company have experienced in the past several years. In that case, he will likely smile at you, pause, and repeat his mantra: Reinvention, Relevancy, and Respect.  According to Mr....
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Take These 5 Tips Seriously While Choosing An Accounting Firm For Your Business

With so many transactions to store, analyze and report, businesses cannot undervalue the necessity of accounting firms. As your business expands, you will expect capable hands on the balance sheets so that you are well-positioned to make informed decisions. Moreover, and quite importantly, governmental oversight mechanisms mandate fair accounting practices...
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