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George Finney
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The Top 5 Questions CEOs Should be asking about Cybersecurity

The news over the last few weeks have intensely covered one topic: cybersecurity. Colonial Pipeline reportedly paid $5 million to a ransomware group after their operations were shut down for nearly a week while part of the country reeled from a shortage of gas. And this was just one out...
Desktop- as-a-Service (DaaS)
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DaaS: Try DIY or Pass & Choose SaaS?

Last year may be in the rearview, but it’s a year that has permanently changed the way we work, to say the least. Even companies that decide to return to in-person work aren’t likely to completely go back to pre-2020 structure. What’s likely is that many companies will have at...
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Philosophy Behind Success

Scientists like to put bullets to make things easier to analyze and they agree that there are 4 simple things that finally define our development in the workplace and our personal growth in general. Today we focus on these parameters that will let you see yourself thrive. Functionality Functionality is...
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