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Jared Seligman
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NYC Real Estate Broker Jared Seligman Is Counting Down to His Big Gay Orthodox Jewish Wedding

Preeminent New York licensed associate real estate broker Jared Seligman is accustomed to popping Champagne corks when closing a deal on an architectural gem. But this year, he’ll be toasting with bubbly for an even more exciting event — his wedding to long-time love Max Schapiro. Jared Seligman is currently...
Mark Stiving, Ph.D.
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Should You Raise Prices Now?

Inflation is taking a big bite out of your margins.  You want to raise prices, but there’s internal and external pressure to hold them steady.  What should you do?  For most companies, the best answer is to raise prices now.  Maybe a subset of products; maybe carefully executed, but the...
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Introduction to Project Management Tools

Project management tools are software solutions that are specifically designed to help project teams effectively plan, organize, and manage their projects. These tools enable teams to break down large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks and track progress, resources, and timelines. Popular project management tools include, Asana, Jira, Trello,...
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