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Concept maps used in educational institutions – their value and contribution

Have you ever run into the concept of concept maps? This idea has been a revolution in the field of education for over some decades now. The idea is brilliant and it did not start as a way to educate people. It started more like a way to explain things...
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Why consultancy matters – A historical perspective

Management consultancy has often been a target of criticism, with popular brickbats including eye-watering fees, huge contracts, secretive ways of working and an apparent ability to make money out of any crisis. However, most decision-makers and executives recognize the value that the best management consultants provide, and the industry continues...
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International Days and their role in society

International days have been created to raise awareness over particular issues or celebrate some particular situations. Since there are annual holidays to celebrate religious events in all cultures, humans thought that there should also be days that are dedicated to specific things and that we will decide what they will...
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