Monday, May 10, 2021

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How Millennials Can Work Smarter, Not Harder, at Mastering their Finances… From A Financial Planning Perspective

Millennials are generally described as anyone born between 1981-1996 and often get stereotypically mislabeled as “entitled,” “spoiled,” or “self-serving.” I disagree with this characterization. According to a recent study, 70 percent of millennials believe that working hard and 45 percent believe living frugally puts a person on a path to...
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5 Components to Organizational Strategy and Change Management to Retain the Best Talent

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged business leaders in unique ways. As they shift processes and structures within their businesses to shore up weaknesses and overcome hurdles, they must have a solid strategy with a change management framework and best practices to limit disruption as much as possible. Shawn Miller of Morrison Co. outlines five strategies to...
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Your Team May Not Playing in the NBA or on the Frontline But It Can Learn Some New Tricks

A half-century ago or so, companies would look to build team camaraderie through informal social activities. Executives might meet one another’s families at Christmas parties or over a round of golf. These activities proved beneficial when teams were more permanent. But a practice like this today may result in more...
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What functionality does the Restaurant Ordering System provide?

Transferring the offer of the restaurants to the Internet gives a countless number of benefits for both the owners of gastronomic facilities and customers. The process of ordering meals via the application is not only convenient and comfortable but also guarantees access to special functionality. The differences that emerge in...
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CEO Spotlight: Rusty Tweed gives advice to CEOs: Coping during uncertain times

Rusty Tweed Shares What CEOs Can Do During These Uncertain Times to Protect Their Interests and Employees. Today’s uncertain economic environment has made taking care of employees and businesses extremely challenging. Many businesses such as those in retail and foodservice have been forced to close, and even companies that were...
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