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Tony Zorc

Tony Zorc is an Iconoclast, Founder and CEO of Accounting Seed, technology entrepreneur, ForbesBooks author, and CPA for 20+ years. He embodies iconoclasm, the idea of challenging the prescribed way of doing things and coming up with a better, more innovative solution. Accounting Seed – the world’s first accounting platform – is disrupting the cloud accounting industry and has over one thousand customers and fourteen thousand users, and has sustained double digit growth for over ten consecutive years. A father, leader, person of faith, and avid CrossFitter, Tony brings a rare mix of personal and professional experience to the table and seeks to inspire other leaders to create innovation in places where innovation is scarce. Tony has a degree in accounting from Hope College.

Books by Tony Zorc:
Iconoclasm: A Survival Guide in the Post-Pandemic Economy (ForbesBooks; March 30, 2021).

Tony Zorc is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can connect with Tony Zorc via, or on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
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