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Tony Saldanha

Tony Saldanha is CEO/Co-founder of Inixia, the global standards and certification body for the Shared Services industry. He formerly ran Procter & Gamble’s famed multi-billion-dollar Global Business Services (GBS) and IT operations in every region worldwide. Filippo Passerini’s leadership as President of P&G’s Global Business Services and CIO has been recognized as best-in-class in the industry. His strategies appear in numerous books, articles, and business reviews. He is currently a consultant to several companies and C-suite executives. Their new book is Revolutionizing Business Operations: How to Build Dynamic Processes for Enduring Competitive Advantage (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Sept. 12, 2023).

Tony Saldanha is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. For more information, visit Tony Saldanha’s LinkedIn page and website.
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The Hidden Dangers of Focusing Excessively on Operational Efficiency

Most businesses, when faced with the need to reduce costs, will logically focus on efficiency. Afterall, standardizing, automating, outsourcing, and so on are proven methods to reduce costs. They do work. Except there’s a limit to how well these “efficiency-alone” solutions can work before they start to hurt overall business...
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The Five Stages of Digital Transformation

We’re in the fourth industrial revolution now — and it’s wrought plenty of casualties. Consider the retail apocalypse: countless iconic chains are facing bankruptcy or simply going under, including Sears, Mattress Factory, Brookstone, Rockport, Nine West, Toys “R” Us, and more. Investopedia called 2018 the year of retail bankruptcies, but...