Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Steve Rush

Steve Rush

Steve Rush is the CEO of Improov Consulting, a boutique consultancy in transforming people, process and performance. He wrote the book, Leadership Cake along with dozens of articles. He’s also the host of the leading leadership podcast - The Leadership Hacker Podcast. Steve Rush is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on LinkedIn.
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Culture and Strategy Do Breakfast and Eat Cash

Many will be familiar with the well versed saying, “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”, right? Coined by the late Peter Drucker at the turn of this century, Drucker was absolutely right to call out the importance of getting the organizational culture right. He wasn’t suggesting that strategy wasn’t important but...
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Dump your Assumptions

When I was recently in conversation with a senior exec scoping out my Keynote speech for their virtual conference, I found myself listening to lots of information and ideas about how their wider team were feeling, behaving and performing and it led me down a rabbit hole of thinking as...
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C-Suite Agenda

Leading the “four generation” workforce.

As a CEO, coach and consultant, I’ve come to love how diversity has evolved our workplace. Diversity in culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation and thinking all bring new perspectives and assist in removing old assumptions. One of the other things I’ve also noticed is how invisible our generational diversity is....