Stephen Long, Ph.D

Stephen Long, Ph.D

Stephen Long, Ph.D is the founder and president of Motere Consulting, a performance enhancement firm providing management assessment and management development services through his statistically-based predictive model of Human Performance & Leadership he built while serving as the Head of Performance Psychology in the Human Performance Lab at the US Air Force Academy. His clients average 115% improvement in financial performance with a zero failure rate through the application of his model.

Stephen Long, Ph.D is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Chief Executive Insights

Psychological Testing: What CEOs Need to Know

On a late September morning in 1976, I took my driving test at Rahway State Prison in New Jersey. Yes, the same prison where the Scared Straight documentary was filmed less than two years later I achieved adolescent independence on the road course that sits inside the confines of a...
C-Suite Agenda

The World Has Changed. Have You?

As the COVID-19 Pandemic spreads into every American community, a leader of a non-profit instructed his people “to act more like a start-up.” Like most non-profits, his organization was conservative and slow moving. However, at a time when the tendency is to be cautious this contrarian leader directed his people...