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Stephanie Nora White

Stephanie Nora White

Stephanie Nora White is founder and managing partner of WPNT Ltd. The U.S.-based firm has provided communications training and strategy to organizations worldwide, from Fortune 300 companies to Silicon Valley start-ups, for more than 20 years. Stephanie is a lecturer at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, Northwestern University’s Graduate Integrated Marketing Communications program and at DePaul University.

Stephanie Nora White is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with her through LinkedIn.
Stephanie Nora White
Banking and Finance

Want to Get Your Employees Back in the Office? Employ the People Who Want to Be There

They have been labeled many things: “Neurodiverse,” “outliers,” even “quirky.” Some of these individuals don’t fall into any of these categories because their differences can be so subtle as to be unidentifiable, or perhaps even imperceptible to many. I’m not referring to the stereotypical, anti-social software coders extraordinaire, who want...
CEO Advisory

Does “ful” really make it a word? Evolving Language Should Unify and Bind—Not Divide and Confuse

Every year, the world’s prominent English-language dictionaries add anywhere from a few hundred to 1,000 “neologisms”—newly coined words or phrases—to their pages. For Merriam-Webster and Oxford, it’s an exhaustive process that can involve tracking words from sometimes obscure uses into the mass-market national, and even global, lexicon.  These arrivals can...
Stephanie Nora White
CEO Journal


Business Leaders Play A Role in Alleviating Our Troublesome Times. Amid today’s fractious political times and societal divisions, it may be time for business leaders and their organizations to step into the breach to narrow the divide and help solve societal problems. The very real alternative is continued gridlock, leading to...
CEO Agenda

CEOS: Do you know how much time and money is wasted on interviewing and hiring at your organization—and what it might be costing your reputation?

Amid a well-publicized worker shortage and near record-low unemployment, Mike Conley, an Indiana-based software engineer seeking a new job faced a seemingly incredulous situation. Conley, who has 25 years of experience, withdrew from consideration for “a role I wanted, the pay I wanted, all the benefits I wanted” at a...
Education and Career

Working From Home Post-covid-19: What’s Gained? What’s Lost? What’s The Sweet Spot?

“Our bias against working from home has been completely exploded,” Dan Spaulding, chief people officer of online real estate portal Zillow, recently told researchers studying the global work-from-home phenomenon triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Pre-Covid-19 research documented a slow but steady uptick in the number of people working remotely at...
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