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Sophie Ireland

Sophie Ireland

Contributors Editor
Sophie Ireland is the Contributors Editor at for CEOWORLD magazine, where she covers hiring trends, money, the future of work, and lists and rankings, and all things related to professional success for readers. She has ten years of experience in research, spanning market research, data analytics, macroeconomics, and financial services. She can be reached on email You can follow her on Twitter at @ceoworld.
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5 Requirements To Secure Bank Statement Loans For The Self-Employed

Self-employed executives use secure bank statement loans to obtain necessary funding efficiently. As a self-employed borrower who needs financing, you likely have considered numerous loan options. Many self-employed individuals have trouble qualifying for loan programs. Factors such as poor credit scores and tax return issues keep even savvy entrepreneurs like...
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Download Online Videos Freely Now

With the increasing number of video resources being put on the internet, online videos seems a part of people’s daily life now. However, some problems come while they are enjoying the online videos. For example, people have to spend much time in bufferring an online video to ensure that it...
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What is Political Asylum?

The United States is considered the melting pot of the world. Many different ethnic groups make up American culture. Immigration is an important aspect of the US. People who reach our borders or are already in the United States seeking refuge may apply for asylum. To determine if an immigrant...
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10 Tips to Increase Productivity of Photographers

Productivity isn’t a magical pill we can swallow. Being a workhouse who’s always creating, and editing isn’t always possible. Especially in today’s distraction-heavy world. Here are several tips for increasing productivity. Remove Dust Removing sensor dust from multiple images will make post-production work easier for you. In have Adobe Camera...
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