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Sophie Ireland

Sophie Ireland

Contributors Editor
Sophie Ireland is the Contributors Editor at for CEOWORLD magazine, where she covers hiring trends, money, the future of work, and lists and rankings, and all things related to professional success for readers. She has ten years of experience in research, spanning market research, data analytics, macroeconomics, and financial services. She can be reached on email You can follow her on Twitter at @ceoworld.
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World’s Top 50 Universities For Medicine And Health Science Degrees, 2019

MOVE over Stanford and Johns Hopkins University - the University of Oxford has been named the best University in the world for medicine and health science degrees, 2019, that's according to the CEOWORLD magazine. The ranking compares the top medicine and health science programs in the world. Harvard University ranked...
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Top 20 Best Luxury Car Brands For 2019

Due to the ever-growing demand for luxury cars, various car manufacturers are endowed with making luxury cars. The best luxury cars are characterized by and equipped with state-of-the-art futuristic technology and have excellent interiors. They are provided with mind-blowing designs and proudly claim themselves as the ultimate names in comfort....
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