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Sam Bell

Sam Bell is General Manager of the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML), a non-profit Membership organisation and the gold standard-setting professional body for management and leadership competence and excellence. Sam is responsible for leading the Analytics, Accreditation and Assessment team. Sam Bell is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
CEO Advisory

Six Ways That Leaders Can Inspire The People They Lead (No Matter The Generation)

What are the key personal attributes that can transform managers into leaders and good leaders into great ones? In the new book, Leading Well (Major Street Publishing $34.95), CEO of the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand (IML ANZ), David Pich, along with co-author and board chair...
CEO Insider

The Importance Of Rhetoric In Inspirational Leadership

Charismatic leaders demonstrate that rhetoric is a key aspect of their approach to leadership and of their success as leaders. Communication that contains specific content references and rhetorical devices, and uses specific non-verbal behaviours in its delivery, has the capacity to profoundly influence a person’s evaluation of the leader. Specifically,...