Dr. Renu Persaud

Dr. Renu Persaud

Dr. Renu Persaud is the author of The Mastery of You, an award-winning title which was nominated for one of Canada’s most prestigious award for non-fiction writing and a Reader's Favorite Silver Medal Winner.

As a teaching professor at University of Windsor, Canada, she is a faculty award winner, and her Understanding Social Life lectures are among the most popular sought after classes on campus. She is a qualified sociologist with expertise in the concentration of equity studies and anti-racism education.

Dr. Renu Persaud is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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Tips For CEOs: How to Keep on Rising During Trying Times

In the past few months, we have been absorbed by constant change.  There is a pervasive uncertainty that’s affecting mental health and life-work balance.  Here are 6 Ways to remain true to yourself, and nurture your mental awareness. While it seems impossible, the famous quote, “this too shall pass,” is...
The Mastery of You by Dr Renu Persaud
Executive Education

The Logic in Poetry

Existence is marred in matters of the heart. Depending on our individual experiences, objects and events are interpreted differently and take precedence over others. Sociologist Max Weber refers to this as Verstehen, which is German for interpretive understanding. We become absorbed by the things that matter most to us, this...