Dr. Nir Kossovsky

Dr. Nir Kossovsky

Dr. Nir Kossovsky, CEO of Steel City Re, is an authority on business process risk and reputational value. He has been an industry-wide leader in the development of indexed measures of reputational value and actuarily sound underwriting methods that deter reputational attacks, and protect companies and their leadership. He holds more than a dozen patents, including an algorithmic reputational value measurement system currently enabling insurance solutions, third party investment strategies and governance products. He has written hundreds of articles and four books, including “Reputation, Stock Price and You,” Apress 2012). He has degrees in philosophy, business, and medicine, served as a Captain in the US Navy Reserves, and early in his career was a tenured faculty member at UCLA. Dr. Nir Kossovsky is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on LinkedIn.
CEO Insider

Ignoring Social Movements is Bad Business

When Senator Mitch McConnell lambasts companies for “behaving like a woke parallel government,” he may well be appealing to a small but potent group of his own stakeholders: hard line Trumpist Republican primary voters. He is apparently calculating that the intensity of that group, and the impact it can have...
Big Picture

Reputational Risk in an Era of Extremism

President Biden’s decision to make one of his first acts in office the blocking of construction of the Keystone Pipeline, even after its owners agreed to reduce carbon emissions, invest in alternative energy, and create union jobs, should stand as a warning to every company concerned about whether their reputations...
C-Suite Advisory

Business Roundtable Confidently Raises Expectations: Corporate Leaders Now Must Deliver Or Face The Consequences

Reputation risk management just got more complicated. And the level of engagement required of boards just got more intense. With the Business Roundtable’s recent statement that the very purpose of corporations includes supporting employees and communities and protecting the environment – with generating long-term value for shareholders coming only at...