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Mike Stemple

Mike Stemple

Mike Stemple has built over twenty startups and is an expert at ideation, innovation, and startup psychology. He now spends his time writing books on innovation, advising corporate executives on how to “think and act more entrepreneurial,” and pioneering the use of Corporate Entrepreneurs in Residence. He has taught over 15,000 students from 149 countries on how to build successful startups and has mentored at Techstars and Founder Institute.

Mike is an ex-ultrarunner, a semi-famous sports artist, and a veteran of the United States Army. Most days, he can be found listening to Jimmy Buffett, watching his beautiful wife surf from the comfort of his ocean-view home, petting his dog, and pontificating on all things innovative.

Mike Stemple is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.
Mike Stemple
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Why Are Big Companies Losing to Startups?

“You suck at innovation.” I unfortunately have to tell corporations this all the time. Why is it that a corporate employee can come up with an innovative idea and get nowhere with it? Despite having an abundance of resources, the corporate innovator is often left begging for time, talent, and...