Michael Czinkota

Michael Czinkota

Professor Michael Czinkota is emeritus faculty of international marketing and trade at Georgetown University. His key book (co-authored with Ilkka A. Ronkainen ) is “International Marketing” (Cenage Learning; 10th edition). His forthcoming book is International Business, 9th edition. Michael Czinkota< is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on Twitter, Google Scholar or connect on LinkedIn.
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Less than a decade ago many economic players pronounced the triumph of global marketing. Governments encouraged market-based decision rules of economic games. Those who invoked benefits of government planning and state monopolies rapidly encountered substantial public doubt. Ten years is a long time for firms and their customers. Conditions have...
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Together for more and better

On a recent holiday, I had six teeth extracted. The insights I gathered during this process seemed relevant to current policy and election travails. My dentist's office was closed, but he kindly came in to see me. Of course, his staff did not, since it was a holiday, but that...
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Dealing with Disruptive Dislocations

The global uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus disruption intensifies. Questions of human safety and business continuity reach far beyond the assessment of lock-down orders. In light of a pandemic, transmission expectations are sufficiently likely for an ongoing viral world exposure. What can be done to manage the unexpected? Which analogue situations...
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International Data Need to Add Up

A useful analysis requires the understanding of data and a belief both in the data and their issuer. Companies, organizations, and scholars wary widely in their interpretation and use. International comparisons often differ substantially in data collection and quality control. This commentary eases comparisons of research across national borders. Here...
The Bear Without The Bull
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The Bear Without The Bull

There is often a strong desire for partisanship both in our domestic and global thinking. Russia keeps being framed as our most vile adversary. Such thinking has much historic background . Of particular worry has been competition in technology – one can still recall the Russian leadership reputation effects of...
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The Secret to Trade Policy Success

University teaching is again in session. As in past summer and fall semesters I teach international business at both Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and at Kent University in Canterbury, U.K. With students I note three different categories of sentiments, quite telling of voting tendencies.  Two virtually equal blocs boast...
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