Mel Young

Mel Young

Mel Young is a social entrepreneur and founder of several successful social enterprises including the Homeless World Cup, which uses football to inspire people who are homeless to transform their own lives; more than a million people have been positively impacted. He has won several awards and is the author of two books, including Social Entrepreneurship (LID Publishing, 2020).

Mel Young's books: Social Entrepreneurship: A better way of thinking about a sustainable future (LID Publishing, 2020).

Mel Young is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
C-Suite Agenda

Social entrepreneurship should be at the heart of the Covid-19 response and recovery

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life on a global scale, causing its own problems and exacerbating those that already existed. Citizens and their governments around the world are facing over-burdened health systems, alarming hospitalization and death rates, unemployment, disruption to education, loneliness, grief and anxiety, to name just a few...