Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Matts Johansen

Matts Johansen

As Aker BioMarine’s CEO, Matts Johansen is on mission to improve human and planetary health. Leading the global krill company, which was named Norway’s most innovative business in 2017, and Europe’s most innovative business in 2018, Matts is a natural risk-taker. From rolling on a board, to sitting in the boardroom, as a former professional skateboarder, Matts believes his business mind-set has been influenced by the do-or-die determination he developed while skateboarding. “Before you drop-in from the top of a ramp, you have to be 100 percent focused on the trick you are going to do and be convinced that you can do it. If you start doubting your ability, you will fall, and fail. It is the same in business, you must be totally committed, and you have to go all in,” Matts says. Matts Johansen is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.
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The thrill of catching krill

I want to tell a story, a personal story related to business. Growing up in Norway I used to spend all my time skateboarding. I spent endless hours perfecting tricks on the ramp, trying to get into the right mind-set to pull off new, spectacular and daring moves. As a CEO of Aker BioMarine I find my background in skateboarding to be of great value and inspiration. Before you drop from...
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