Martin G. Moore

Martin G. Moore

Martin G. Moore, author of No Bullsh!t Leadership, is a leadership performance expert and co-founder of Your CEO Mentor, a company whose purpose is to improve the quality of leaders, globally.

Moore traded in his corner office for an enriching career as a leadership performance expert at Your CEO Mentor, the business he co-founded with his daughter, Emma Green. He developed Leadership Beyond the Theory, a global training program geared toward sharing his insights and wisdom with the world’s top executives.

Martin G. Moore is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
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We all like to make good decisions. We want our boss to see that we exercise sound judgment. We want to appear to be astute and rational in order to win the confidence of our people. And, naturally, we want to produce the right outcomes. Decision-making is one of the...