Karla Raines

Karla Raines

Karla Raines is an accomplished strategist serving purpose-driven organizations in dynamically competitive industries. Her commitment to mastering the art of strategy led her to a career-defining eureka moment in 2018. The experience crystallized her intuitive process and inspired her to reverse engineer what she’d taught herself to do over years of hands-on practice. Karla’s forthcoming book Differentiated: The Breakthrough Approach to Strategy for Purpose-Driven Organizations shares the story of her inventive strategy process through real-life vignettes and powerful lessons pulled from over two decades of consulting experience. Learn more at Differentiation Zone.

Karla Raines Books: Differentiated: The Breakthrough Approach to Strategy for Organizations Driven by Purpose (My Life Is a Work of Art Press; January 18, 2021).

Karla Raines is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on Goodreads, Twitter Facebook, and LinkedIn. Learn more at Differentiation Zone.
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