Saturday, July 4, 2020

Dr. Julia Ivy

Dr. Julia Ivy

Dr. Julia Ivy, PhD Psych, PhD Mgmt, is a strategy and international business executive professor and faculty director at Northeastern University. Her area of expertise is in bridging strategy and psychology in the concept of personal strategy. In addition to her academic work, she acts as an executive coach for those facing the “What’s next?” challenge. Her new book is Crafting Your Edge for Today’s Job Market: Using the BE-EDGE Method for Consulting Cases and Capstone Projects (Emerald Publishing, Oct. 7, 2019). Dr. Julia Ivy is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow her on LinkedIn.
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Capitalize on Built-in Employability to Strengthen Your Company’s Competitive Strategies

Companies that honor the competitive strategy of “built-in employability” are able to recalibrate for fast recovery, and even growth, in times when the economy struggles. These companies know to turn to the vast reserve of internal talent represented among staff impact to their competitive strategies. Built-in employability celebrates the culture...
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Use This Innovative Job Crafting Approach to Connect with Your Dream Employer and Show Your Value

Contemporary college graduates, as well as highly accomplished career changers aren’t looking for just any job. Rather than attempting to impress a potential employer with a useless catch-all résumé, today’s savvy job seekers can take a proactive position and choose their dream job. They connect with the company through storytelling...