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Jason Dressel

Jason Dressel

Jason Dressel is managing director at History Factory. Founded in 1979, History Factory is an agency that helps corporations, non-profits and associations employ their most underused assets – their history and heritage – to enhance and transform strategy, brand positioning, marketing, and communications that drive measurable results. Jason Dressel is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on LinkedIn.
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C-Suites Differ with Consumers and Investors About Problematic Past Actions

Among the many disruptions of 2020 is a re-examination by companies about how to deal with their own histories – especially given racial tensions that reached a fever pitch over the summer. But a new survey shows that executives tend to overstate the handle they have on potentially problematic issues...
Executive Education

CREATING A REAL-TIME COVID-19 CASE STUDY: Why Leaders Should Be Capturing Their Company’s Response to COVID-19 Now

People learn through and are inspired most by stories. That is why the greatest leadership development institutions from business schools to military academies use case studies based on real-life experiences to teach the most important lessons. In many areas of life, leaders use storytelling to communicate, educate and call others...