Duane P. Donner

Duane P. Donner

Duane P. Donner is Founder and CEO of investment banking firm Founders Advisors, which includes over 30 M&A professionals across 3 offices and 7 practice teams, each team focused on an industry vertical.

Founders Advisors specializes in representing founder-owned businesses, and about 70% of its clients are family businesses. In order to provide securities-related services discussed herein, certain principals of Founders are licensed with M&A Securities Group, Inc. or Founders M&A Advisory, LLC, both members FINRA & SiPC. M&A Securities Group and Founders are unaffiliated entities. Neither Founders M&A Advisory nor Founders Advisors provide investment advice. Founders M&A Advisory is a wholly owned subsidiary of Founders.

Duane P. Donner is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
Duane P. Donner, CEO, Founders Advisors
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