Dr. Jeffrey Magee

Dr. Jeffrey Magee

C-Suite and Military General clients come to Dr. Jeffrey Magee for ENTERPRISE-WIDE Talent Development & Human Capital succession architecture. The need today to collapse down years/months/weeks into days is critical! Sustainable Solutions NOW. Jeffrey Magee, PhD/CBE/CMC/CSP/PDM is the “Thought Leaders Leader.” Jeffrey is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Professional Performance Magazine, editor of the LEADERSHIP MASTERY and SALES MASTERY blogs, a former nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, as well as a publisher author of 31 books, translated into 21-languages, to include 4-Best Sellers (YOUR TRAJECTORY CODE/WILEY)) and 4 graduate management text books (THE MANAGERIAL-LEADERSHIP BIBLE/PEARSON EDUCATION). He is a leadership columnist, and highly sought global professional speaker on performance psychology.

The recipient of the United States Junior Chamber’s TEN OUTSTANDING YOUNG AMERICANS (TOYA) Award, and the United States National GUARD’s Total Team VICTORY Medal for civilian contribution to the Armed Services. Massive hyper GROWTH & PROFITABILITY is the resume of 100% of our 2020 clients - Business Growth & Leadership Development: Working with Organizations at the C-Suite level to protect & leverage their most valuable asset - their PEOPLE!

Dr. Jeffrey Magee is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.
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Thirteen Lesson’s That’ll Bite You if Ignored When Merging Your Business with Another & Especially in Today’s Merger Mania Post COVID Climate!

The path to global wellness in your business may be through partnerships, collaborations, mergers, or associations with other organizations that can exponentially accelerate your business footprint. Just as in today’s new labor climate, McKenzie estimates 20-million workers just this year quit their jobs, another 50-million held up on the unemployment...
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Accelerate Your Organizational Effectiveness in the Mind of Your Customers, CoWorkers & Employees NOW – Successful Businesses Have Learned the Secret to Motivating Their Employees!

Do your employees play the "blame game," or are they willing to take responsibility for their actions and outcomes?  Winning organizations and individuals do not make excuses or point fingers when they have not met their performance expectations. Instead, they freely assume ownership for the outcomes they have produced. Creating...
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Family-Owned Businesses & 5-Structural Keys for Sustained Legacy Success … The Macro ‘Cliff Notes’ to Execution!

Family-owned businesses are and have always been the foundation to a free society’s economic success, and, with this reality also comes the opportunity and challenges of working professionally together when its family and non-family blended together for the organization’s daily operations. Balancing these realities, along with legacy employees expectations, sacred-cows,...
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