Donna Kayarian Chiacchia

Donna Kayarian Chiacchia

Donna Kayarian Chiacchia, CEO Advantage Consulting LLC. Advantage Consulting is Executive Leadership’s #1 Solution for Eliminating Project Failure. Their services include: Project Leadership | Project Management | Program Leadership | Program Management | Business Transformation Strategy | Business Process Architecture | Corporate Training & Development | Business Operations | Sales Enablement Donna Kayarian Chiacchia is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow her on LinkedIn.
C-Suite Advisory

The Book Report – The Leaders Guide to Branding Genius

Part of schooling typically involves writing some type of “report” on the many books we are obligated to read. Many of us cringe at the aspect while others strive to become the alter-author of the book through their report. Leaders organically fall into the latter with a twist – let...
CEO Insider

7 Behaviors of Marketing Influencers

Emotional influence happens every day; it’s called “marketing”.  We are all guilty of “self-marketing” when we ensue into heavy persuasion. We understand boundaries and understand that healthy persuasion happens over time, or, can be immediate if we are able to understand the core root of the person’s needs. We need...