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Darren Millar

Darren Millar

Darren Millar, senior vice president, operations, PiiQ Media. Darren is a Law Enforcement veteran and subject matter expert specializing in Cyber Special Operations and Open Source Intelligence. He has worked on some of the most high profile investigations over the last 20 years within Europe and was an integral part of an elite unit responsible for over 200 global internet investigations in two years. He has conducted special operations for major global events in the last ten years including the Olympics, and Global summits. Darren has consulted in North America with major Law Enforcement Agencies assisting them with cyber special operations policy, procedures and tactics. In his spare time Darren is a keen sportsman and writer.

Darren Millar is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
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The Hidden Risk the Defense Sector’s Probably Overlooking

Government spending on defense contracts topped $445 billion in 2020. These contractors inhabit a realm where classified and top-secret information is their focus. It stands to reason, then, that security should be at the highest level. Although budgets are often allocated to defend the perimeter, there’s another potential exposure point that’s...