Dan Ellis

Dan Ellis

Dan Ellis, Managing Director at Townsend Search Group, helps companies find and recruit top talent and connects experienced professionals and executives with exclusive career advancement opportunities. He joined Townsend Search Group in 2013 and brings deep business understanding informed by career experience in public accounting and consulting.

Dan has a top placement rate providing guidance to middle-market companies and advisory firms with a special focus on working with private equity groups and their portfolio companies. He is industry agnostic and consults with clients and candidates with candor and professionalism to build meaningful, genuine and long-term relationships.

Dan earned a business administration degree from Western Michigan University and is a registered CPA. He’s a board member of the ACG Detroit Chapter, playing a role in making it the best professional organization of its kind on a global scale. Off the clock, he’s an avid skier, endurance athlete, outdoor enthusiast, and resides in Traverse City with his wife and son.

Dan Ellis is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
Dan Ellis, Managing Director at Townsend Search Group.
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