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Cory Munchbach

Cory Munchbach

Cory Munchbach, Chief Executive Officer at BlueConic. Cory has spent her career on the cutting edge of marketing technology and brings years working with Fortune 500 clients from various industries to BlueConic.
Before joining BlueConic, she was an analyst at Forrester Research where she covered business and consumer technology trends and the fast-moving marketing tech landscape. A sought-after speaker and industry voice, Cory’s work has been featured in Venture Beat, Wired, AdAge, and Adweek, as well as spoken at conferences such as FutureM, MITX, and the Association of National Advertisers.
A life-long Bostonian, Cory has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Boston College and spends a considerable amount of her non-work hours on various volunteer and philanthropic initiatives in the greater Boston community. The rest of that time is spent hanging with family and friends; running around with her rescue dog; or – most likely of all – reading.

Cory Munchbach is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn.
Cory Munchbach
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