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Chi-Pong Wong

Chi-Pong Wong is a seasoned professional proficient in customer experience, vendor and partner relations, marketing and branding, supply-chain strategy, and program and project management. He has published articles on leading online magazines including Venture Beat, Internet Retailer, Marketing Profs, CEOWORLD magazine, Smart Business, Customer Think, Triple Pundit, UX Matters, Service Director Business Review, Project Times, Project Management, PM Hut, Supply Chain Brain, Supply Chain Digital, and other popular journals. He earned a MA in Economics at SUNY @ Stony Brook and a MS in Computer Science at Duke University. Before working for HP Inc, he has previously held various strategy, operations, and management positions at Hewlett-Packard, Arrow Electronics, IBM, STMicroelectronics, and NEC Electronics.
Executive Education

How to Overtake Your Rivals like This Pizzeria Has

Blaze Pizza’s rapid growth is a manifestation of the dictum that the right execution and synergy in strategy planning, marketing, and operation is the elixir for business success. Through its feat, it has demonstrated an almost textbook-perfect example to the business world. Before Blaze appeared on the scene in 2011,...
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Disturbed by False Advertising? Get Over It!

Fraudulent Promulgation Is a Widespread Disease : Inaccurate advertising has become a worldwide phenomenon. Attention grabbing lawsuits involving duplicitous activities by big and global conglomerates are on the news almost monthly, not to mention the litigations involving smaller players that do not get noticed; a Google search on “false advertising...