Anna Siampani

Anna Siampani

Anna Siampani, Lifestyle Editorial Director at the CEOWORLD magazine, working with reporters covering the luxury travel, high-end fashion, hospitality, and lifestyle industries. As lifestyle editorial director, Anna oversees CEOWORLD magazine's daily digital editorial operations, editing and writing features, essays, news, and other content, in addition to editing the magazine's cover stories, astrology pages, and more. You can reach Anna by mail at
Business Travel

Traveling in Petra – A Historical Place And A Treasure Of Nature

After a vote of 100 million people in 2007 Petra has been characterized as one of the seven wonders of the world. Petra Jordan is an archaeological city south of the country. It is located on the slope of the mountain Jabal Al-Maddah. It was founded in the 4th century...
CEO Insider

The 6 Thinking Hats

The 6 thinking hats is one method used to enhance creative conversations. This method ensures that a wide variety of views and ways of thinking are represented. Using the 6 roles or else what hats represent, the framework allows teams to structure abstract thinking for productive results. But what does...
Big Picture

Most Violent Cities In The World

Outside of active war zones, there are some cities that seem to have traditionally been involved with crime. Usually, big cities, where criminals can hide behind a large mass of people are the most popular destinations for groups of criminals that act in an organized way, as well as individuals...
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