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Aliza Knox

Aliza Knox built and led APAC businesses for three of the world's top technology firms—Google, Twitter and Cloudflare. Named 2020 APAC IT Woman of The Year, she spent decades as a global finance and consulting executive, and is now a non-executive board director and a senior advisor for Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Aliza now shares her passion and lessons learned with the next generation of business leaders, guiding companies across new frontiers while building and maintaining strong connections between teams around the world.

Knox has been featured in outlets like Business Insider, Quartz, The Muse, TechCrunch and The Economic Times, and is a regular columnist for Forbes, where she shares her wisdom (and humor) to help professionals who dream of "doing it all." She’s the author of the new book Don't Quit Your Day Job: The 6 Mindshifts You Need to Rise and Thrive at Work [Wiley, April 25, 2022], which presents the six empowering, essential mindshifts necessary to rise and thrive in your career – and to love your life at the same time.

Aliza Knox is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with her through Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.
Aliza Knox
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You can’t expect your job to be 100 percent enjoyable all the time, of course. It’s work, generally defined as the exertion of mental or physical energy. Things that are relaxing and easy, like watching Netflix, usually do not include a salary. But while work can be taxing, it shouldn’t...