Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Art & Culture

The words that make great leaders

Leadership is not for the faint of heart. Being a good leader requires constant self-awareness, reflection and a keen sense of discernment. It requires the constant balancing act of concrete tasks and project outcomes, with the human behavior elements to motivate a team and get things done. Great leaders build...
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Why we need to connect with discomfort

People tend to shy away from hard feelings. And why wouldn’t we? After all it’s part of our survival instinct to avoid pain and suffering. But the reality is that we all experience pain at some point in our personal or professional lives and learning to meet and manage our...
Art & Culture

To CEOs: You Matter, Too.

You're probably thinking that telling you, as the CEO, how much you matter is the last thing you need to hear.  Of course, you matter. As the leader of your organization, I would imagine you believe you matter a great deal.  If you are a member of a CEO Peer...
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How to Build Trust Through Inclusive Leadership Development

One of the foundational ways a business continues to experience growth is through the building of trust with its consumer base, employees, leadership, investors, and causal followers. Trust is the difference between making a sale or investing time and financial resources trying to convince consumers to do business with your...
Art & Culture

Ten ways to a happier life

Happiness comes insides us when we feel complete with ourselves and our accomplishments. We don't have to constantly chase big pleasures but be satisfied with small things in our everyday routine. This is happiness. However, starting from this point there are some factors that can lead us to a happier...
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