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Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP Cornell)
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Best Colleges To Study Architecture In The US, 2021

Architecture is one of the prominent fields of study today. The course has slowly and steadily polled thousands of students due to its high employability. One of the prime ways of taking up architecture as your future career is by enrolling yourself in a good college. The USA is packed...
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Best Universities To Study Architecture In Germany, 2020

Germany is among the world’s top destinations for international students thanks to its renowned education system. Many of the high-ranked universities that are internationally recognized. Students find Germany ideal studying because of the affordable cost of living, low tuition, and adequate opportunities to work while studying. Since Germany has the...
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These 20 Universities Have Made It Into America’s Top Universities To Study Architecture And Interior Design List

The MIT School of Architecture and Planning, an institute dating back to 1865, is ranked No. 1 among CEOWORLD magazine's list of best-universities to study architecture and interior design for 2018, followed by Cornell AAP (College of Architecture, Art, and Planning). Yale School of Architecture (NO. 3) was just ahead...
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