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Leo Bottary

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CEOWORLD magazine Announces the Appointment of Leo Bottary as New Board Member

CEOWORLD magazine, the world's leading business publication, has announced the appointment of Leo Bottary to its External Advisory Board (EAB). Leo is the founder and managing partner of Peernovation, LLC and has served as a CEOWORLD magazine Opinion Columnist for the past three years, where he has contributed more than...
Art And Culture

Choose to Be Open to Lessons Wherever They Find You

Life’s greatest lessons don’t typically come from acts of intentionally seeking knowledge, so much they come when knowledge unintentionally finds us. Education scholar John Dewey identified this phenomenon as collateral learning. In his groundbreaking book, Experience & Education, Dewey wrote: “Collateral learning in the way of formation of enduring attitudes,...
CEO Insider

The Looming Talent Crisis

Like a dangerous hurricane being closely tracked, it’s coming, and we’ve known it.  Demographics.  Average retirement age.  The health of our economy.  They all point to a mass exodus of workforce talent over the next decade and an accompanying talent shortage looming on the horizon. With approximately 10,000 baby boomers...
CEO Insider

How Great Questions Won the Day

I've had the good fortune to be part of many outstanding teams during my career. About 30 years ago, I was part of a four-person ad hoc team that we assembled to compete for an advertising and PR account. It’s memorable and meaningful for me because it's when I first...
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