Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Leo Bottary

C-Suite Lifestyle

Truth or Consequences

For those of you who are a bit older, Truth or Consequences might trigger your memory about the long-running game show that actually began on radio in 1940.  It continued to enjoy a long run on NBC television between 1950-1988, with Bob Barker serving as the host for nearly 20...
Executive Insider

Coronavirus & Gratitude

Over the past several weeks, I’ve spoken to CEO mastermind groups in Atlanta, Denver, Toronto, and Glasgow, Scotland, all from my own home in southern California. The majority of these CEOs are being forced to lead teams where its members are working from home. If they had their druthers, it’s...
C-Suite Agenda

Who You Surround Yourself With Matters

These days, the phrase “who you surround yourself with matters” takes on a whole new meaning. The coronavirus is especially insidious because we’re challenged to battle something we can’t see. Any one of us could have it and be asymptomatic and, as a result, would have no idea that we’re...
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