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Top 10 European Countries With The Highest Demand For Airbnb Houses In 2023


Tourists seem to be turning to Airbnb accommodations this summer. This is proven by the high demand in major European countries. Many countries that are major tourism markets are recording a high demand for Airbnb accommodations compared to 2019, before the COVID pandemic, which hit tourism and tourism professionals.

In total, more than 37 million overnight stays were recorded in May alone, a number that corresponds to an increase of 32.8% compared to 2019 and a corresponding increase of 22.6% compared to last year’s figures. The countries we will cover in this article are the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Greece, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Poland.

Greece has a very good course. The increase in demand in May in the country was five times higher than the corresponding increase in the supply of accommodation in the same period. The very good progress of Greece made France (one of the largest tourist markets in Europe) follow with a triple increase in demand in relation to the increase in supply.

The four countries showing very good booking rates until August are Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Austria. More specifically, the percentages increased by 40%, 43%, 33%, and 32%, respectively, compared to last year. This is followed by Greece, where in the period until August, the increase in pre-bookings was 21% compared to last year. Italy (19%), France (16%), Croatia (16%), and Spain (13%) recorded smaller increases in pre-bookings compared to last year. In fact, Greece records the largest increase compared to the rest of the countries in terms of the percentage of international travelers (from 84.5% in 2019 to 90% in the last year). Tourism in the rest of the countries comes mainly from Europe.

The above percentages referring to Airbnb bookings were recorded at the beginning of the tourist season. It is, therefore, a fact that as we approach August, when the tourist season peaks, these percentages will increase further.

Apart from Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria are also particularly popular, with over 90% of trips coming from foreign tourists. On the other hand, some of the 20 European countries under review rely primarily on domestic tourism. Specifically, in Finland, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, domestic travelers make up at least 50% of the getaways recorded within those countries. France and the UK are highly dependent on domestic travel, and 67% of overnight stays in both countries are made by French and British nationals, respectively.

The high demand for Airbnb accommodations has driven prices up. The average daily price is up 19.1% over 2022, with revenue up a significant 45.9% year-over-year and 96% over 2019. Supply has fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, to meet the ever-increasing demand, it seems that more and more owners are willing to make their property available for short-term rental.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Top 10 European Countries With The Highest Demand For Airbnb Houses In 2023
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