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Top 5 World’s Seaplane Rides And Their Locations

Millions of people have a fantasy of experiencing seaplane rides once in their lifetime. Seaplane rides provide a view of the purest form of nature from the sky. Around the globe, plenty of locations are World famous for seaplane rides. Let us look into the best locations in the World and learn about them in detail.

  1. Fjord sightseeing, Bergen, Norway
    Fjord, Norway, provides the best vision of nature to witness through the seaplane trip. This place’s immense beauty makes it the best destination in the World. This destination has spots like hairpin bends, mountain ranges, and a view of sparkling waters, which adds mesmerizing memories after the trip.
    The seaplanes fly over the Indiana Jones and explore the tremendous sprawling archipelagos through the country’s northwest coastline waterways. The great Scandinavian Skies pass through Norway’s wonderful second city of Bergen, along with Ulvik, Aurland, and the Lofoten. The flight takes off from the water and rushes towards the landscape of, whizz through the ancient glaciers, mountain farms, and hidden waterfalls.
  2. Geiyo Islands, Japan
    The Geiyo Islands of Japan are another mesmerizing and the second-best place to be crowned in the World for seaplane trips. The country’s famous archipelagos sites are being covered in this seaplane trip. This trip is unique because of its shattered seaplane trip, covering a large area of the Geiyo Islands.
    The Setouchi Seaplane Airlines offer flights that fly through the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture, which is famous for its association with Japan’s infamous pirate, Murakami Suigan. The flight departs from Onomichi Floating Port and travels through the Innoshima Islands, Ikuchijima Island, and Tatara Bridge, linking Omi and Ikeuchi Island over the Inland Sea.
  3. Miami, United States
    The seaplane tour of Miami explores the region of the borders with a marvelous experience. The seaplane trips of Miami are mostly day trips that cover the areas of the Bahamas from a very high altitude. The seaplane trip also covers the regions of Florida, which has immense beauty to witness from a great height.
    While covering the regions of Bahama and Florida, the seaplane flies through most of the mesmerizing Beaches over the coastlines. Few water landings are also made during this 45-minute flight in destinations like St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach. This seaplane also flies through Dry Tortugas National Park and covers the scattered islands.
  4. Bora Bora, Tahiti
    The Bora Bora seaplane tour travels through the Idyllic Islands. Every tourist dreams of witnessing this journey over the Sand isolated stretch of the Pacific Ocean. The Tahiti Air Charter Airlines provide the most comfortable journey over these famous islands. Destinations like the turquoise lagoons and the golden sandy beaches are covered during this seaplane ride.
    The famous Polynesian Queen Pomare IV had a private beach in the Motu Tapu, which is also covered during this flight trip. Tourists also witness the beauty of Matira Point and the overwater bungalows for which French Polynesia is famous.
  5. The Maldives
    The Maldives is known for its global corals, one of the best tourist spots in southern Asia. The seaplane ride over the Maldives provides a vision of the natural structure of the Indian Ocean. The water is so clear that tourists can see different creatures from such great heights.
    The seaplane trip covers all the scattered islands, which are estimated to be around 1000 of them. Trans Maldivian Airways are the official airline offering travelers this auspicious ride. The Maldives is also home to the World’s largest seaplane fleet.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top 5 World’s Seaplane Rides And Their Locations
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