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Top 5 Resorts To Stay In Rainforests

Living inside thick jungles and vegetation offers an immense beauty of nature and wildlife to tourists, which is incomparable. The experience of living in between the vegetation the planet gives is out of the world. The ambiance provides a whole with some mental peace, and tourists witness jaw-dropping views that can’t be described worldwide. Let us check out the five best resorts worldwide that give us the best experience inside the woods.

  1. Gaia Amazon Ecolodge, Ahuano (Ecuador)
    The eco-lodge provides 20 guest-lodge, including simple rooms, cabins, and open common areas, which help tourists get the best view of the thick forest. The eco ethos and its remote location deep in the forest of cacao trees give a genuine connection to its near-mythical ambiance.
    The best part is that even for one-night stay plans, the hotel offers rainforest trekking, chocolate-making classes, and canoe tours down the Arajuno and Napo rivers. If you stay for more nights, the hotel offers a visit to a butterfly farm, shamanic cleansing rituals, and many more mesmerizing itineraries. This is one of the best places to gain mental peace and witness beauty in the lands of Ecuador.
  2. Wilderness Bistate, Ruhengeri (Rwanda)
    The resort’s design is like a semicircular slope, which helps provide the best of the Volcanoes National Park. The resort has fantastic architecture, especially its spherical wood, bricks, and thatch villas tucked inside the forest. Every one of them has a view of the volcanoes.
    The hotel provides a facility for daily treks to the silverback gorillas and the golden monkeys present in the habitat. This encourages the tourists to experience the landmark more. The hotel also organizes an event where the tourists have to plant various typical Rwandan plants and celebrate with famous Rwandan cuisine.
  3. Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc (Vietnam)
    The large-scale developed area in the early aughts transformed the largest island of Vietnam, Phu Quoc. The remote jungle was turned into a paradise resort whose request was to give the best experience to the people staying. The eco-minded flip-sided region helps the tourist experience Mango Bay.
    This traditional-based resort was made with the help of the forest woods and the rammed Earth. Their dedication to providing energy, water, and nature conservation can be seen everywhere. They are starting from composting to low-water toilets to the beds cooled by a low-energy alternative to traditional air conditioners.
  4. Wayanad Wild, Kerala (India)
    The Wayanad Wild is a rare holiday place where tourists often meet undiscovered nature. The forest is a constant companion that peeps through the hotel windows, assigning the pretty butterflies to entertain the beauty. The hotel offers an immense beautiful 3.5 km off ride through the jungle lodge.
    They even have a pool in the front rows to the unusual spectacles of the forest around. The hotel even offers adventures like zip lining, bamboo rafting on the river, and trekking in forest regions. The resort provides cycles and hillocks for hiking, trekking, and a regular short tour through the beauty of the jungle.
  5. Pacuare Resort, Limon Province (Costa Rica)
    One of the oldest Costa Rica eco-lodges, Pacuare Lodge, is the most sustainable nature retreat and is fully immersed in the virgin rainforest. The hotel offers three meals, afternoon coffee, and a range of on-site activities, which includes in the rates. The zip lining through the treetops via canopy trees is just outstanding to experience.
    The 700-acre private forest reserve helps to gain inner peace for the visitors. The jungle-ensconced luxury villas feature outdoor showers and spring-fed pools. The most famous Jaguar villa is over the bridge through the river and the tree platforms. This feature gives a mesmerizing experience to the visitors and provides a 360-degree view all over the jungle and river.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top 5 Resorts To Stay In Rainforests
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