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LivePerson and Afiniti pair up to improve customer experiences


AI is transforming the future of the contact center industry by delivering better customer experiences and improved business outcomes. Afiniti CEO Larry Babbio is leading the company’s advancement of its patented technology, which pairs callers and agents on the basis of best fit.

Recently, Afiniti announced a partnership with LivePerson, including the native integration of its AI ‘pairing’ technology into LivePerson’s conversational cloud platform — a first for the contact center industry.

Afiniti’s AI technology has been on the market for over 16 years, paving the way for innovations in more precise and intelligent call routing. By making its solution part of LivePerson’s offerings, Afiniti also expands its capability from voice to digital channels, such as messenger and chat, which account for an increasing volume of customer interactions.

Afiniti identifies patterns from past interactions to match the best-suited caller and agent in milliseconds. By pairing the caller with the agent who is best able to help them, the customer experiences fewer obstacles to finding a resolution — leading to better outcomes for the caller, agent and business alike.

“Many contact centers still use a first in, first out approach to route customers to the next available agent,” Babbio said. “Our technology identifies best-fit based on historical patterns of success, which increases the odds of delivering a positive outcome for the customer, agent, and organization alike.” 

Afiniti’s integration with the LivePerson platform also means that customers are guided as they move from voice to digital interactions, so they are never “abandoned” by the AI. Instead, they find a so-called path to the best agent for their inquiry.

Babbio believes that AI is shaping the future of the contact center industry, and recently shared that Afiniti’s AI could be applied to critical stages of the customer journey, resulting in measurable increases in revenue, first-call resolution, and customer lifetime value, among other optimization metrics.

The impact of Afiniti’s technology can be measured through its unique benchmarking capability. Afiniti’s AI runs in cycles throughout the day, allowing organizations to see its precise impact when the technology is switched on versus when it is switched off.

“Companies must be able to show a clear return on investment in AI as use cases and applications continue to grow,” he said. “Our benchmarking capability is unique in the market and can be applied wherever Afiniti’s technology is deployed, whether that’s in voice or digital channels.” 

“We only succeed when our customers succeed, which not only makes good business sense but helps develop a strong foundation of trust,” Afiniti CEO Babbio said. 

Afiniti’s technology has been credited with generating around $1 billion per year in incremental revenue to its clients, which include some of the world’s largest consumer-facing companies in telecommunications, financial services, insurance, and healthcare.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - LivePerson and Afiniti pair up to improve customer experiences
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