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Most Famous Fine Dining Restaurants in Athens

Athens, the capital city of Greece, is surrounded by the Aegean Sea and is blessed with beautiful weather, which makes it a favorite among travelers. The destination is also known for its classic Mediterranean cuisine and high-class establishments, which serve as a haven for food lovers.

What makes Greek cuisine different from the rest is the use of locally sourced ingredients which enhance the overall preparation. Below are some famous restaurants in the locale that treat you with an unforgettable dining experience.

  1. SpondiSpondi is often helmed as the most sophisticated and upscale restaurant in Athens. The eatery is in an off-beat corner of the Pagkrati neighborhood. It has become a point of reference for every gastronome throughout Europe.
    Thanks to the Michelin-star chefs, the menu at the tavern consists of delicious food packed with exquisite flavors. The place also offers private dining, and food lovers must try lobster tartare with lemon and traditional Greek cuisine while here.
  2. GB Roof GardenThis diner is located on the most famous square in Greece and serves lip-smacking dishes to the guests. Situated on the top floor of Hotel Grand Bretagne, the spot is known for its elegant settings. It offers a captivating view of the city. The collaboration of two-world-acclaimed chefs curates the entire menu at the eatery.
    It is a modern representation of Mediterranean cuisine. From mouth-watering food, exquisite desserts, and a carefully selected wine list, the place will surely be a treat to your taste buds.
  3. HytraThis restaurant is in the area of Neo Kosmos. It is situated on the 6th floor of the House of Letters and Arts. The place boasts creative cuisine, a stunning view, and an elegant design, making it a top choice for food and cocktails. The eatery is special because it combines Greek tradition with modern gastronomy to bring out a diverse menu for the guests.
    Some of the top creations of the place are the rooster cooked in two ways, accompanied by mashed potatoes, chive mayonnaise, and mustard seed mousse. You can also order Greek coffee and ice cream during your visit here.
  4. Tudor HallAthiri is a peaceful urban eatery on the 7th floor of the King George Athens Hotel, which provides unparalleled views of the Acropolis. The place is known for its unique neoclassical décor, modern Greek cuisine, and cocktails. The spot is frequented by both locals and tourists.
    The upscale restaurant incorporates fresh seasonal vegetables in its dishes, and the dinner starts with five varieties of bread, homemade breadsticks, and multi-seeded crispies. On Fridays and Saturdays, guests can enjoy Greek and Italian music, which makes the whole experience even more entertaining.
  5. Herve RestaurantThis fine dining was started in 2021 and takes you through an unforgettable journey full of flavors. Situated in Petralona, the tavern is the brainchild of Franco-Italian chef Herve Pronzato who has previously worked with Hytra and Spondi.
    The menu here contains diverse food options and is more like a playful treat for the palate. And for all cocktail lovers, the Chorizo ​​Margarita, with white tequila, French vermouth, passion fruit, yuzu juice, oyster sauce, agave, and chorizo, is the best option.
  6. PatioThe patio is an upscale eatery in the Margi Hotel, famous for its delicious creations. The menu here contains a la carte options and two tasting options inspired by Greek traditions.
    Apart from this, food and wine paired with Greek and European cheeses are also available for food lovers. During your visit here, try the oyster with light horseradish cream, onion and bacon chips, and mustard seeds for the main course.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Most Famous Fine Dining Restaurants in Athens
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