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Captain Phillips: The Ambitious Captain Of Warrimoo

Have you ever heard about the exciting story of Warrimoo? The story that you will read in today’s article may sound like another common conspiracy theory. Still, it is true in every single detail. The passion and love of an ambitious captain turned a simple trip into an exciting story to tell to his grandchildren. Along with his family, the whole world learned about how this captain decided to spend a usual New Year’s Eve. If the following story is true, anything is possible in this world.

The streamer’s route

The steamer called Warrimoo sails in the Pacific Ocean. The route was from Vancouver, Canada, to Australia. The ship was a passenger ship built-in 1892 in England with Australian owners. It was then bought by New Zealanders and ended up being owned by a company from Singapore.

Changing direction

This was a completely ordinary New Year’s Eve for everyone but not for Captain Master Filips. The mark of the Warrimoo was 0 degrees 31 ‘N and 17 degrees 30’ w, something extremely rare and unique. Captain Filips summoned the ship’s navigators, giving orders that could impress even the most incredulous mind. He corrected the course and speed of the steamer without, however, turning off the engines.

The final purpose

The weather was very fine that night, thus allied to the captain’s idea. The purpose was to pass the point that intersects the equator and the International time zone exactly at midnight. The result was a global and unique paradox. The front of the steamer was in the southern hemisphere (and it was mid-summer). Its rear was located in the northern hemisphere (and it was in the middle of winter).

Changing centuries

And the paradoxes continued. The date on the back was December 31, 1899, while on the bow, it was January 1, 1900. So if an ordinary mind thinks about it, what was happening was this: Warmoo was divided into two different days; two different months in December and January; two different years in 1899 and 1900; two different seasons, winter and summer; and two different centuries, the 19th and the 20th.

An Exciting personality

Those who knew Captain Filips speak of a sailor deeply in love with his work, particularly consistent with a disposition for knowledge and exploration. The route carried out by the steamer Warrimoo from Vancouver to Australia was frequent. However, on this day, the indications on the radar activated the mood of the master to create something unique that would be recorded in the Naval Chronicles.

The steamer’s history

The ship was owned by a Canadian-Australian shipping company from 1893 to 1897. They had it to operate the Vancouver-Australia route. In 1897 it was purchased by a New Zealand company. During the First World War, it transported military hardware and soldiers. In 1915 it transferred the pioneers overseas as part of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. In 1916 Khiam Yik & Co Ltd of Singapore, a company controlled by Tan Kah Kee, purchased Warrimoo and continued to carry troops. In May 1918, the Warrimoo was part of a convoy carrying troops towards Marseille. The ship was bombed and sank, and one person died.


All these paradoxes that took place on December 31 were the result of the desire of this person to leave his mark, showing that love, passion, and dedication to work could turn a routine day into something unique and extraordinary, even if this job can be simple and not need skills like those of captain Filips. Apart from that, consider what ambition and motivation can do. The brilliant captain organized the trip precisely and showed us how proper planning could lead to incredible results even in the middle of the sea. 


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - Captain Phillips: The Ambitious Captain Of Warrimoo
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