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Attractions And Food In Craiova

Craiova, the “Lady of Romania,” is the sixth largest city in Romania. It is a significant cultural center located at an equal distance from the Carpathians to the North and from the Danube River to the South. It is also one of the most critical campuses in Europe as it has a University of Medicine, a University of Pharmacy, Departments of Law, Engineering, and many others. While it is not a popular tourist destination, it will pleasantly surprise you with what it offers. Below are the reasons.

Important information

Craiova belongs to Dolz province, and the climate here is considered to be Continental. There are cold winters and hot summers. The official language is Romanian, and their currency is the Romanian Leu.


St. Demetrius Cathedral

The Lady of Roumania could not fail to include a magnificent cathedral. The Cathedral of St. Demetrius is a majestic Orthodox Church and is considered the metropolis of Oltenia. In 1490 it was a simple church. In 1651 it was renovated, but due to bad ownership, it was torn down and rebuilt in 1889. From then until 1933, it was built to take the form it has today. The style of the Cathedral is Byzantine Renaissance having a Greek-style cross. The project was supported by the royal couple Charles and Elizabeth.

Church of the Cosuna Monastery

The Cosuna monastery church is one of the most important buildings in Romania. Craiova is home to the Kosuna Monastery, the oldest building in Craiova. For this reason, the state took care of its perfect preservation. After earthquakes and fires, the only building left was the church. All the remaining parts were completely destroyed. For the church’s construction, materials such as stone and brick were needed. Its unique architecture in Byzantine style with traditional Romanian elements is what makes every visitor impressed.

Baniei House

The Banyei House, or Casa Baniei, is the oldest building that many people used for different reasons. An example is that from 1718 to 1739, it was used by the Austrian government. From 1850 it was used as a courthouse and school. From 1966 until now, it has hosted the Ethnographic Museum of Oltenia.

Craiova Museum of Art

Craiova also has an art museum, the Craiova Art Museum. The museum was founded in 1954 and is one of Craiova’s major attractions. Most of it includes the works of Constantin Brancusi. It also hosts works of important Romanian painters such as Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu, Vasile Popescu, Stefan Luchian, and Theodor Pallady.

Oltenia Museum

The Oltenia Museum was founded in 1915 and consists of three separate museums. The three museums are the Museum of Ethnography, the Museum of History, and the Museum of Natural Sciences. All collections are based on donations made in 1908.

Nicolae Romanescu Park

Nicolae Romanescu Park is considered the largest park in Eastern Europe and the third largest in Europe. It was created between 1901 and 1903 by Edouard Redont. Its distinctive features are the Suspension Bridge, the Haunted Castle, The Hippodrome, the lake, the Belvedere Dome, and the zoo.

Botanical Garden

The Botanic Garden of Craiova is a scientific organization that has collected many plant species from all over Romania for research purposes. However, the place is also open to anyone who wants to visit it, and it is among the most famous sights in Romania.


The city can offer delicious traditional food. One of the traditional dishes that you should try is their traditional soup. It combines rice, beans, potatoes, pumpkin, and tomato. Also, the “Fikatei,” consisting of fried livers accompanied with puree, is a great choice. If you like tripe, don’t forget to try “Ciorba de Burta.” Finally, in Romania, you can try a special kind of donuts. You will find them under the name “Papanasi” and served with jam.

Although Craiova has no tourist culture, it has much to offer to every visitor. This city combines more modern culture with traditional elements. It is considered a very safe city and has nothing to envy of the other megacities of Romania. The value of each trip is evident in the uniqueness of each destination.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Attractions And Food In Craiova
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