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Factors That determine Customers’ Attitude When Shopping

People’s call about whether they will buy a product depends on many parameters. Regardless of what the marketer offers, the clients live in a world of expectations and doubts. Today we will talk about their concerns and what will make them positive towards your propositions. Whether you have a physical or an online store, there are things you should know about the psychology and way of acting.

  1. The financial state of the customer 

    The budget is the No one reason one will buy one product over another. We all get carried away by reckless purchases of things we may never use, and advertising is crucial. Still, if we could not afford to pay for the product, we would not buy it. Pricing and the customer’s financial situation are vital. It is pointless to try to convince someone to buy a physical product or a service as long as the money is not there. 

  2. Friends’ opinions or reviews 

    When people go shopping, their best friend’s opinion may count more than their own opinion. The idea is that the friend is the only objective witness that could tell you the truth about the product they are looking at. The salesman is not considered trustworthy because they will want to convince you to buy the product, and yourself is, again, subjective. Therefore, the friend that comes with you provides comfort and support. Sometimes, it is more important for a salesman to convince the customer’s friends than the customers themselves.
    In case we talk about online shopping, the role of the objective observer is played by the reviews. Reviews are treated as the only reliable source of opinions for the product one is interested in and are taken into serious consideration. 

  3. The self-confidence of the customer 

    We often buy what we think we deserve. If you think about it, this is how we move in life, considering every aspect of it. Especially when it comes to clothing, our idea about our body is perhaps the most significant role in the final call. This does not only happen in that sector. A fancy Macbook can be treated in the same way. Suppose someone thinks they are not good with computers. In that case, they will hesitate to buy an expensive pc, thinking that only serious professionals will use them correctly.
    It is important to point out the positive characteristics of the buyer and let them know that not only do they deserve to buy the particular product but that it will also be better worn or used by them. 

  4. Clients’ mood 

    Mood plays a crucial role in most of the things we do and how we perform throughout the day. Each day we complete similar tasks, but our level of satisfaction varies. In addition, the result is different. When it comes to shopping, the mood is essential for those not determined to make or not make a purchase. There are rational purchases that are based on our needs and desires. Then there are all the other cases where the person is literally buying something just to feel better. For physical stores, the client’s mood can be modified once we use the right service and decoration in the store.
    For online shopping, unfortunately, only ads that go in specific videos on youtube and ads on TV that are wisely placed in the TV program take into consideration the customer’s unique overall situation. 

  5. The level of awareness regarding the purchase 

    Last but not least, let us remember the customers’ awareness, which can help them understand whether a purchase is right for them. The customer is the only person who knows everything about the purchase they are about to make. The salesman knows the product, but the customer knows what they need. Therefore, they have the last word. Their level of awareness regarding their needs will allow them to go in the right direction and make a smart purchase.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Insider - Factors That determine Customers’ Attitude When Shopping
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