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Best Coffee Houses In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee. This country is often helmed as the largest coffee producer in Africa and 5th biggest in the world. Not many people know this, but the drink is a part of Ethiopian culture, seeping deep into their hospitality and tradition.

Thus, whether you are a caffeine lover or want to explore the local traditions, the following are some of the best coffee houses in Ethiopia that you should visit.

  1. Tomoca Coffee 

    Want to explore the older coffee shop in Addis Ababa, then Tomoca is the place you are looking for. This must-visit place for caffeine lovers has been in business since the early 50s, and its signature blend is with Arabica beans derived from the Sidamo region. The store is further drenched with retro ambiance and offers a range of pastries and snacks.

  2. Mokarar CoffeeMokarar Coffee is a boutique shop situated in Addis Ababa’s center. One of the place’s prime USPs is that it serves many distinct coffee drinks, from Ethiopian espresso to Americano, all of which are served with popcorn. Along with this, they also provide a selection of pastries and light bites to curb your appetite.
  3. Garden of Coffee 

    Garden of Coffee is a notable outlet specializing in a wide range of single-origin coffee nationwide. Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, who has devoted her whole life to promoting Ethiopian Coffee, owns the place. What makes the store different from the rest is the use of several brewing methods, such as the French press, V60, and Chemex. Garden of Coffee also sells coffee bags that you can take home.

  4. Kaldi’s Coffee 

    This popular coffee chain in Ethiopia has branches spread across the city. The shop offers a wide range of drinks, from classic espresso to specialty drinks such as cappuccino and macchiato. Also, the cozy ambiance of the place makes it best for catching up with your friends and acquaintances.

  5. Bespoken Coffee Roasters 

    This famous specialty shop is situated in the trendy Bole neighborhood. They are known for their high-quality coffee sourced from local farmers and roasted in-house. In addition to this, the store also has a string of light bites and pastries that make it a perfect spot for breakfast and brunch.

  6. Tryst Café 

    Tryst Café is a small and cozy outlet known for its breakfast and delicious coffee. The shop has art-covered walls, which give the place a cool look. While at the place, visitors can also play a game of chess with friends or grab something off the shelf for a light reading. All of these together make it one of the best locations to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a hearty donut or breakfast.

  7. Cascara Coffee and Cocktails 

    Situated inside the Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa Hotel, the store is a must-visit for coffee lovers. The place offers a range of options from cappuccino, macchiato, or café latte, which you can relish while sitting on the outdoor terrace. Apart from this, if you are looking for other options, get a coffee-infused cocktail or a classic espresso martini from the bar.

  8. Galani 

    One of the first things people notice about Galani is the industrial aesthetic which provides a spacious feel. The store offers some of the best coffee options that range from classic espresso, cold brew, and drip coffee. Other than this, you can also try Picolino or Cascara tea while at the place.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - Best Coffee Houses In Ethiopia
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