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Top 10 Cheapest Mediterranean Cities For Vacation

According to a recent survey conducted by a well-known travel company, the city of Oran in Algeria is the cheapest in the Mediterranean for holidays. In second place follows Port Said in Egypt, while Algiers, in Algeria, completes the top 3 cheapest Mediterranean cities for vacation. Algeria attracts more tourists yearly because it is an interesting country to discover. Here you can visit ancient cities, majestic temples, and natural landscapes combining exotic beauty and history. What more could anyone want on vacation?

Next on the list is Tunis in Tunisia, and in fifth place is the city of Tangier, Morocco. Tunisia can easily captivate visitors with its oriental charm. It has many archaeological monuments, special architecture, and everything for someone who wants to spend a few days of rest and joy. For example, ancient Carthage is a UNESCO cultural heritage site. In Morocco, you can experience oriental nights, visit ancient cities and deserts, drink tea, and see some of the most impressive carpets and other items for the home.

In 6th place, we have Alexandria in Egypt, and in 7th place, Izmir in Turkey. Three more cities in Turkey complete the list. Mersina (8th place), Antalya (9th place), and Istanbul (10th place). Visitors are fascinated by the civilization of ancient Egypt, the pyramids, and the beauty of the Nile. Alexandria, in particular, has many attractions, including the Museum of Constantine Cavafy, the Greek poet who was born in the city in 1863 and lived there for several years.

It is known that Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to visit on vacation. Certainly, Istanbul stands out, but Izmir also has its beauty. They say Istanbul is like New York. The hustle and bustle of the city never stops. Izmir is a beautiful city with a port that reminds me of Thessaloniki in Greece and Alexandria in Egypt. It is surrounded by several coastal tourist areas, which gather many tourists in the summer.

On the other hand, Monte Carlo is the most expensive city in the Mediterranean for holidays. The cost of a seven-night hotel package reaches 3,000 euros on average. Tel Aviv in Israel is also considered one of the most expensive cities in the Mediterranean, as is Cannes in France. Especially for Cannes, the tickets alone can cost you a fortune. Nice in France is also expensive, as is Barcelona in Spain with its special architecture.

To rank the cities in the lists of the cheapest and most expensive Mediterranean cities for holidays, the prices of tickets from various airports in Europe, the cost of staying in a hotel for a week, and the cost of a daily meal in a restaurant were included. It is a fact that traveling has a positive effect on our psychology, so it is good to go to a place we have not visited before at least once a year.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Top 10 Cheapest Mediterranean Cities For Vacation
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