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Global Approaches of Perfection and Human Existence

Regarding geometry and how we can see things by using our eyes, perfection is linked to symmetry. Symmetric faces, for instance, are more likely to collect positive comments. However, things are more complex than that in real life. How is perfection defined, and is it easy to approach? Does it exist in our world, or are we cursed to live in a world of problems? Will that be reached in a supposed future life or another dimension? All these questions troubled the human mind across the globe, and various approaches appeared as time passed.

The cultures regarding perfection

The natives of Latin America carry a long history and the wisdom that comes with it. According to their philosophy, people are born perfect, good, and with full knowledge. The European and Asian perception of the world tends to face human creatures as imperfect existences with a long way to go before reaching higher levels of understanding. But what if things are not like that? What if it is the other way around? The issue here is not to understand which of these two approaches is correct. Besides, we may never be able to discover the truth. A crucial suggestion, however, is to examine which perception is more helpful for us.

Motivation has always worked out

The idea that we are imperfect and we are constantly evolving to reach perfection may be pessimistic because it admits that we lack a variety of features. However, it is interesting because it holds the concept of motivation, which is incredibly important for human actions. It is the driving force that makes us become better and try harder. As they say, when there is a will, there is a way.

Faith as the core of knowledge

Is that enough to let us settle with this idea? Let’s examine thoroughly what special gift the other philosophy gives us. Thinking that you are born perfect does not focus on what you must do to become better, but it comes with another exciting package. It tells you you are a creature full of abilities and potential. Motivation may not be as strong here, but faith as a concept appears to fill in that gap.

The alternatives that the philosophy of perfection provides

Motivation may not be so strong, but it is not absent. No one says that you cannot use your special and unique powers to help others. Right? Well, not so much. If you are born to be perfect, so do others, and if we assume human creatures are perfect, we have no reason to doubt that the same thing applies to nature. The mindset, in this case, is completely different. People do not find the motivation to overcome an obstacle, a difficult situation, or even to help others; people do stuff to be happy.

Being happy and good is the ultimate motivation here. The idea that we live in a paradise right at this moment also allows us to live in the moment and focus on the present. If the present is nice, why would we bother thinking about the past and the future? This mental universe demands a different way of thinking. Since we do not often come across this philosophy, it is hard to fully understand it, embrace it and put it into practice in our daily life. It is essential to realize that we have options, and it is up to us to decide how we will live our lives and what we will choose to believe.

The concept that we are born as perfect creatures breaks some chains. This philosophy invites us to be completely free. So, why did Europeans and Asians not choose the same path? Everything we believe and do, we do it for a reason. If survival is not secured and the community has to struggle to find the resources that are essential for the tribe, then a whole philosophy will be created to help in that direction. 


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - Global Approaches of Perfection and Human Existence
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