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Best Colleges For Metallurgical Engineering In The World

Metallurgical engineers play a critical role in creating materials from metals, non-metals, alloys, and ceramics. Metallurgists and metallurgical engineers liaise with the manufacturing department to produce adequately good materials using environmentally responsible design processes. They must ensure that the manufacturing process generates minimal waste, maximizes energy efficiency, improves performance, and facilitates recycling.

The field of metallurgy is also crucial to help produce materials that are appropriately strong and durable to use in buildings, aircraft, implantable devices, cutlery, and many more.

The best colleges for metallurgical engineering are:

  1. The University of California, Berkley (UCB), United States
    UCB offers a master’s program in Materials Sciences in collaboration with other departments in the College of Engineering. This nine-month accelerated program covers the following subjects in depth:
    Advanced Structural Materials
    Chemical and electrochemical materials
    Computational materials
    Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Materials
  2. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Since it is believed to have been established in the 11th century, Oxford University is the world’s oldest university. It has some of the best facilities for study and research. After four years in this program, you will work hands-on on an eight-month-long full-time research project. Unlike most Materials Science programs, the program that the University of Cambridge offers also grooms the entrepreneur in you by teaching you how to start a company, write a business plan, and raise capital.
  3. Harvard University, United States
    Harvard University was founded in 1636, which makes it the oldest higher education institution in the United States. And it is arguably the best university in the world. While pursuing the Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering course, you will be doing a wide array of things – from fundamental work in solid and fluid mechanics to complex studies in biomechanics, materials, and mechanical systems. You will also be able to actively participate in the mechanics of material structures of geophysical and biological systems, such as elasticity, plasticity, and wave motion.
  4. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Although it is one of the youngest universities on this list, as per the 2021 QS World Rankings by subject, NTU has overtaken MIT as the best university for its Materials Science course, even though NTU does not have a dedicated placement cell the way most universities do, the university has an NTU Career & Attachment Office (CAO), Graduate Studies Career Development Office (GSCDO), and NBS Career Services Office (CSO) to help you with career coaching, networking, mentorship, industry-specific guidance, etc.
  5. Stanford University, United States
    Renowned for its impetus on experiential learning, Stanford University is one of the top universities in the world. Stanford University’s Metallurgical Engineering program specializes in advanced training in solid-state fundamentals and materials science. Even though you need not do any research or thesis to complete the curriculum, you may earn 6 to 15 units of credit if you do some research with a professor in a lab.
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), United States
    MIT was founded in 1861 with the motto “Mens et Manus,” meaning “mind and hand,” symbolizing the convergence of knowledge with purpose. Staying true to its motto, MIT is arguably the best university in the world. Since the US News and Report started ranking graduate programs, MIT’s Graduate program in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has always been rated the best in the country. That could well be because the university emphasizes research and hands-on learning. About 95.5% of graduates from MIT tend to receive full-time job offers within three months of graduation. So, studying at MIT will greatly boost your career if you make it through the admission process.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Best Colleges For Metallurgical Engineering In The World
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