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The Books For Kids That Are Better Understood By Adults

For this tribute, we chose two books where our heroes seem to have traveled to fictional places or come across people who are very different from us. These differences came to teach valuable lessons both to the heroes and the readers as well. These books were supposed to be written for children. However, adults have widely embraced them and are considered to be some of the true gems of modern literature. Let us meet these priceless books.

Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World by Jonathan Swift
Even though this is the original title, most people know the novel under the title ”Gulliver’s travels.” This book was written by a sensitive Irish writer who is believed to have spent the last years of his life close to a horse that he made his friend. He ate what the horse ate and was supposed to be disappointed by people. His book is pure fiction and was supposed to address kids. It depicts this disappointment and raises questions about who we are and how we treat diversity. At the same time, it implies that there is never a right and a wrong thing out there. Our idea of what is normal always depends on the surrounding environment and our past experiences. The book is a tribute to human nature, even though Johnathan Swift was skeptical about our species. According to the book, the hero goes from place to place only to find mysteries and things he had never seen before. To understand his experience, consider that one of the places he visits is a country where people are very tiny, and he looks like a giant to them. The people there think he is a kind of monster, and they fear he might hurt them. They imprison him and do not start with friendly intentions. The reason for that is that they are afraid he might hurt them. A similar scenario is happening in different places, proving that this is just how humans act.
The book was written back in 1726. Remember, it is an era in which Europeans started the exploration of mother Earth in places they had never set foot on. They came across people of different skin colors and body structures. Bizarre languages and cultures were now discovered. It was a time when dealing with diversity, and different civilizations was a hot issue. In an attempt to keep their reputation and dominance over other civilizations, Europeans had to reject everything new and pretend they were the holders of the truth and kindness in the world. This book was a breakthrough, and even though three centuries have passed, it is more up–to–date than ever.

Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
”Le Petit Prince” or ”The Little Prince” is the second from the top of the list of books that sold over 100 million copies. The narrator falls with his plane in the desert due to some mechanical damage to the vehicle. There he finds The Little Prince, a strange, lonely boy with whom he becomes friends. The boy shares his wisdom with the narrator and, therefore, with us by sharing his experiences about the times he visited different people from other planets. The dark holds the questions, and answers are found in the daylight; this book helps us understand what is buried under that darkness.
Before the middle of the 20th century, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote this wonderful story full of imagination and love. Some of the phrases inside the book are famous-some are even on body tattoos-and are well-known to people of the western world. According to one of the famous quotes, “You don’t see clearly except with the heart. The substance is invisible to the eyes.” Another one says: ”you are responsible forever for what you have tamed.” The book starts with adults’ obsession to evaluate everything by counting them and how this destroys all the magic in them. Again written in 1943 in the middle of World Wide War II, the writer’s approach is not accidental. The ugliness around him had surely affected how he wrote, as this book could have been his shelter.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - The Books For Kids That Are Better Understood By Adults
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